Friday, June 02, 2006

study? or knit?

study? or knit?
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I had a midterm Wednesday yet the night before I could not keep myself from working on this damned shawl. Sometime around 1 in the morning, I found that I'd misplaced a yo/decrease pair, and had to drop 5 stiches about 5 rows down to get to it. The next morning, I knew I really *should* study before going in to write the exam but I was so obsessed with the idea of fixing my error that I couldn't even sit down till I'd done it. So with safety pins and my size 1 dpns, I knit back up, found another mistake, again dropped down about 6 rows, knit those back up, then did a few rows just to make sure all was well.

Then I was relaxed enough to study :)


knitalittle said...

Been there done that. I cannot go on till I fix my mistakes too. Way to go. How did you do on you exam?

Shell said...

Ha! It reminds me of of when my friend Dee was studying for finals. She took a break and did her incometax.

Oh, could you please add me to the Icarus Shawl KAL. I promise not to fly too near the sun.

Sophie_vf said...

thanks for asking, knitalittle! I just found out my midterm results - aced it. Behold, the beneficial mind-soothing properties of knitting!