Sunday, June 04, 2006

Slowly but Surely...
I am making progress - I've updated my blog with the details of why I had to start over, but all in all, I am still loving my first lace project! I did switch from circular to straight needles when I started over - we'll see if I switch back once it's a little bigger. I'm going to NY this weekend, and am debating over whether or not lace is a 'bus knitting' project...Thoughts?

Icarus (still on chart 1)


Abigale said...

Lace is totally a bus knitting project!! Very nicely portable indeed. I'd definitely go for it. Lace projects are nice because you don't have to go around carrying sweaters' worth of yarn around with you. Laceweight yarn is thin, and packs a wallop on the yards per oz. Sounds like maybe you're a bit of a lace newbie - but it's really not too hard of a pattern to sharpen your teeth on.

Have a great trip!


Anonymous said...

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