Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hi everyone, my name is Abi - I just got approved to join this knitalong today, I'd seen Froggy Dear's post that she's tremendously busy and swamped at the minute, so it's much appreciated!

I got my IK on Friday night at Borders. I was immediately entranced by the beautiousness of this particular shawl.

I had just the yarn - laceweight that I dyed at my local spinning guild with indigo last weekend

I also had some brand spanking new 3.75mm Bryspun circs that I'd bought from Webs for my Log Cabin before I'd realised that I was using 3mm needles on that project. I was absolutely faithful to my Log Cabin for 5 whole weeks - and still not quite 1/3 done with (it's very insistant that it must become a queen size bedspread). I've never tried the Bryspuns before. I'm not entirely sold on them, but then again I haven't started on the fancy part yet. They seem to slow down my purling.

Resistance was futile. I rationalised that I really needed a better take along project than the scrappy Log Cabin which literally had me schlepping garbage bags full of yarn everywhere. I cast on Saturday, and spent literally all day knitting. And lo and behold Icarus arising: This picture was taken fairly early Sunday morning. I was able to knit a fair amount on Sunday and Monday as well.

I've decided that I really really want to try to extend the fancy section. I think I have it sussed out. I will share more details as I get closer to it. But basically it involves doing a shorter version of Chart 2, and a shorter version of Chart 3 (truncating the pattern repeats) before I start knitting Charts 2 and 3 for real. Clear as mud? Sorry, I'm still trying to get it to gel in my head as well!

This is where I'm at as I type. I just love it so far!


Sophie_vf said...

yummy colour! I'm looking forward to hearing what you've figured out about the lace sections. I'm still a long way from there (despite my whining about size at KR, I've decided to go for all 5 repeats), but I think extending the lace section is an awesome idea!

Kate said...

Such a lovely colour. And I'm waiting too, for your new version. I just bought som lace weight yarn from Uruguay, that I surely could use on another version of the shawl.

From Kate in Norway

Kate A. said...

Your shawl is perfect gorgeousness! And I'm glad to see it, especially, since it's evident from the picture that your yarn is indeed about the same thickness as mine. Can't wait to see how your extra length at the lacy part turns out - I too might want to make this again with your revisions.

For the record, the weather in NYC right now is incredibly awful. A week of insane heat and humidity, and now several days running of constant thunderstorms, pouring rain, and for me and my husband, weather-related headaches! Good excuse to stay inside and knit, though....

wenders said...

Gorgeous color! Wow.