Saturday, June 03, 2006

BTW, noticing that my yarn does appear to be thicker than others', I finally checked the WPIs. Mine's 18 or 19, where the yarn called for in the pattern is 25. I guess I should have checked this before I started but, oh well - I like the effect I'm getting anyway. When properly stretched, it's as holey as I could want, and now it'll also be plenty warm to actually serve as a very functional wrap just when I need it - worn with a little black dress to Barge Music (concert series on NY harbor), where I have hitherto frozen my @$^% off for lack of appropriate outerwear.

But I wonder - how many WPIs do the rest of you have?

-Kate, the one from NYC


Abigale said...

I'm getting more like 18 or 19 WPI's as well. Loving the fabric that I'm getting, using 3.75mm needles. I've already got a never-ending project on 3mm's going, this one is meant as a filler project. It's going well though, and I'm happy with the fabric and the size so far. And that's all that really matters ;P

Hope the weather in NYC is as nice as it is out here in CA.


Anonymous said...

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