Friday, June 23, 2006


Only 2 more rows of chart 4 and the final 4 rows!

I am so excited.

I think I am going to try and put beads on the points to make it extra special for my Mom.

I hope to have photos this weekend.

Hope everyone's shawls are humming along.


Miriam said...

Hey Sarah, I originally HAD beads on the points! Right above each yo4 (or below it once you've finished the shawl). They omitted it because it would take up way too much space in the magazine to explain it.

Sarah said...

Thanks Miriam. I will add them BEFORE I put on the 4yo. Easy peasy.

Sophie_vf said...

oh man! I wish I'd known this! Would you consider posting a little blurb about how to add the beads post-shawl? pretty please? pretty pretty please?

Sarah, great job - looking forward to seeing the finished Icarus!