Thursday, June 29, 2006

okay, i finished the first 42 rows of chart one. Now I am onto the repeats. So I am knitting along, I get to the repeat bar and repeat, well there more stitches than repeats. Does this mean that I need to repeat it twice until I get to the middle sts? I am so confused.



froggy_dear said...

Yep. You repeat the box as many times as necessary to get to the center or the end.

Madam said...

See how the box is kind of a rectangle but there are a varied amount of stitches on either side of the box?

Think about the number of stitches in that row. You'll have a multiple of however many stitches are in the box, PLUS the other stitches on the sides. So you'll knit something like "k2, yo, k3, [whatever's in the box, from right to left], [whatever's in the box again, going back to the far right and starting from there like before], [okay, another repeat of the box stuff], k3, yo, CENTER STITCH, yo, k3, [whatever's in the box], [whatever's in the box], [whatever's in the box], k3, yo, k2."

Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

One thing I found helpful to figure out where you are is add more stitch markers. You know where te pattern calls for stitch markers I add another set for every rib so it is like k2tog, yo, marker, k, marker yo, ssk and between stitch makers (other than the areas with increases) I know there is a constant number of stitches and it is easy to count (and find problems).