Saturday, June 10, 2006

New pictures, modeled:

More on my blog, as usual. I'm going to stop posting every day now, and get back to work! It's lovely seeing shawl after shawl pop up here, though, and in all the differently gorgeous colors. I really think this is one of the more perfect patterns I've ever knit (perfect in an objective sense, but more importantly perfect for my particular tastes, abilities, etc), and the resulting FO is one of the most wearable items I've knitted to date. And being part of the KAL has made the knitting of it one of the most pleasurably social projects I've ever done, too. Knitting has been a mostly solitary hobby for me, which is fine, but it is so much fun to crow about having finished all those enormous rows of lace, with only a few mostly-invisible mistakes, to people who actually intimately know what that means! :-)

-Kate from NYC


katie said...

Absolutely beautiful. Now I must start a red lace project--that's the last color I would have thought of using for this but it looks amazing.

Sophie_vf said...

stunning! And I love all the extra pictures on your blog - so many different ways to wear this shawl. Is there a post on your blog where you explain the source of the ancestral pin? It goes wonderfully with the shawl.

Kate A. said...

Hi! Glad you liked the pictures! I hadn't explained my ancestral pin on my blog, but I will now!

Re: the color red. I don't think I would ever have thought of it for a shawl either, except that I had to use yarn from my stash, and I always buy red yarn. Nearly always. It's my favorite color, so I thought, why not? And I'm so happy with the results! It looks fantastic with black and navy, too!

Sophie_vf said...

thanks for the pin info! It's great that you have a tangible connection to your past like that.