Sunday, June 25, 2006

Time for one of those new to lace knitting moments.

I finally have been able to go past row 25, without frogging the whole thing. Which is making me very happy now.

But what I wanted to admit to, was that I was having trouble with the pattern. I could not figure out how you knitted in the points of the feathers. I read the pattern and reread it. I thought I would have to do a join on somewhere. Then I saw all the beautiful shawls everyone is turning out, and it hit me. The feather points come at the end, and I am knitting from the top...


Sarah said...

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees!

When I looked at the charts, I couldn't see it in my head but as I got to each chart, it became clear and I could "see" where the patterns lined up and how it was to turn out!

Congrats on getting to row 25.

Sophie_vf said...

yes, exactly - I think that knitting lace is a big leap of faith. You really don't see the feather points till they're blocked. It will all seem easier now :)