Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I seem to have worked through my major issues with our mutual friend Icarus. I’m finally into the middle of Chart 2 and it’s actually GOING.

I will likely reach the end of my second ball today, however, which brings me to my major issue. Can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but according to my handy-dandy shawl percentage calculator I am DANGEROUSLY close to running out every time I get near my target point of 33.3% or 66.6%. I’m something like right on or only a row off when I reach each third (I’ve got three balls).

So yes, the obvious issue is that I did not have enough wiggle room with my given yarn. It’s hand-dyed yarn from a secret pal, so it’s neither easily matched nor easily obtainable. I accept the fact that I am a doofus and should have planned better.

But what do I do at this point? Since I’m on the edging, do you think that I could move down a size in my needles to get just a “metric snad” (as my conductor calls it) more yarn? It’s an obvious transition point in the patterning anyway, so maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal. And I’m trying to think about where I could lose a couple stitches in width or something.

Currently in the middle of row 199, where I should finish row 200 if I am to get to 66.6%. Fingers crossed.

(lifted in part from my knitting blog)


Miriam said...

I would suggest NOT going down a needle size or it will become terribly hard to block. And also be aware that the bind off takes more yarn than a typical bind off. You might consider switching to a different yarn in a complimenting or contrasting color for the last row or two and the bind off if you run out. I've seen it done and if you choose a good color, it can be VERY pretty.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Miriam's idea is good, I too have seen that done and it looked great. You may also want to remember that you are getting into lacier and lacier territory so the bottom part of the shawl will use less yarn than the top part that us so much st st. You *may* not run out at all. It'll be close I'm sure, but if you are only off on your target percentage completed by one row you could be fine as well. I'd perhaps be on the look out for another yarn to knit the final row and bind off with just to be safe.