Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Still plugging away....

Another whole day (almost) of knitting, and I'm still not quite done. Just finished Chart 4, and will do the final 4 rows plus BO tomorrow. It's taking more yarn, as well as more time, than I expected. Looks like it'll end up at about 900 meters, which in my yarn is 225 grams. That's compared to almost all of an 800 meter skein, at 100 grams, that was recommended in the pattern. Knowing my yarn was thicker (18 WPIs versus the recommended 25), I thought it would take a little more yarn, but not that much! I'm glad I skipped doing an extra repeat of Chart 1!

Speaking of which - I measured my standard, $10-on-the-street fake Pashmina, and it's exactly 72" wide, like the finished Icarus is supposed to be. And only 30" long. I pinned up the corners of the pashmina to make it more triangular, and tried it out - plenty big, and I'm tall (5'8"), with very long arms.

I'll tune in again tomorrow with - I swear I'll really get there this time! - the finished shawl!!

-Kate from NYC

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