Friday, June 09, 2006

Starting over

I'm about 60 rows in and had set aside Icarus for a while to finish some other stuff. When I picked it back up again a couple days ago I got to looking at the chart and looking at my shawl and realized that I had k2tog in every place I was supposed to ssk. Yikes! Although it might not show to anyone but me I'm concerned that that mistake will affect the pattern when I get to the more intricate lacy border section. So after mulling it over for 2 days I've decided that 60 rows isn't all that much to have to undo. Since I'm so turtle slow I know it will be a while til I catch up to where I was but I will press on. I'll post a picture when I get a few rows done of my do-over just so ya'll can keep encouraging me to press on.
Thanks for being there!


Sophie_vf said...

I don't *really* think it will affect the lace pattern. Once you're on the lace pattern it does seem to make a difference, and I've had to watch that really closely. But on the eyelet columns, I don't think it will show that much. Still, if it bothers you, it's probably worth the re-do.

Inky said...

i agree with Sophie - having had to rip out all I'd done for a different reason, I agree it all depends on the "does it bug you" factor :)

and remember, you love to knit, right? so it's just s'more knitting.