Saturday, June 24, 2006

Icarus in Flight

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I finished my Icarus a while ago, but it's only lately that I've managed to get pictures wearing it. The weather has been crappy - thunderstorms, rainshowers, and wind. But it finally got nice enough - and I worked up the nerve - to take it off the back of the sofa and wear it.

so huge!

It's gigantic! Something like a 76" wingspan and 36" down the spine, it pretty much dwarfs me. Because I'm going to end up sitting on the tail if I wear it normally:I'd end up sitting on the tail

I think it will end up much better wrapped:

less girly, more medieval

so girly

And then of course the matador drape, lest I am trapped in a field with a mad bull:

the matador shot

But seriously - how do you all wear your shawls? This is my first laceweight shawl. I really have little experience wearing something this delicate. I really had to convince myself that it is not a sofa decoration, it's an actual garment intended to be worn by a human.

I also made a horrifying discovery this morning: my DH had draped slightly damp laundry over the back of the sofa and also over top of the shawl. I did not freak out, since god forbid I discourage any laundry activities. But where am I going to put Icarus, when I'm not wearing her? Help!


Sarah said...

Wow, it is gorgeous!

I would wrap it around you with it thrown over your shoulder. I have worn mine that way.

You can also fold the top down some to make a bit of a collar which would also make it shorter in length.

I fold mine up and store them on a shelf in my closet when I am not wearing them.

The Purloined Letter said...

How lovely!

I often wear my shawls wrapped like you wrap in the picture, often with a brooch or shawl pin pinning the shawl to my blouse.

I put mine away when I'm not wearing them, but I really love your idea of always having it on display. Perhaps when my son grows up.... Right now I think any couch shawl would just become a tool for dress-up. :)

talula_fairie said...

I usually wear mine tied around my waist like a sarong kind of...

like this:

Sophie_vf said...

hey, that's really cute! And I love your baby in the sling - I wore mine (babies) all the time too.

Kate A. said...

Your shawl is so beautiful! I, too, like the picture where you have it wrapped around and thrown over your shoulder -- looks great that way! And a friend of mine also suggested wearing it sarong-style - if you're going to sit on it, might as well really sit on it! :-)