Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Recast and a question...

Third time's the charm, right?

I got myself a set of Clover bamboo in 3.25mm in order to knit this for at least the first while. Although Addis are kewl, they are a little too slippery at the moment. Maybe when I have to switch to longer needles, I'll switch back. The Clovers are definately a better choice and I'm enjoying knitting "Iky" using them.

My other half has also made a knitting shelf for me to put my knitting up and away from little hands when not in use. I love it. I can admire my yarn and supplies all day and the kids can't get to them. ;) And I do love him. I don't have to hide my yarn stash. My cross stitch stash, however... ;)

Back to Icarus...

Is there a mistake in the chart? Should I just follow it blindly to row 19 with the increases? How many stitches are there between the O made from the yarn overs? 10? 20? I can't figure the chart out. I prefer patterns that are writting out long hand just for that reason. None of the pictures are clear enough for me to do a stitch count to figure this out on my own. Anyone know how many stitches I'm supposed to increase to before adding a second set of lace holes? Does my question make sense?

* * * * *

Heart attack time...

I just heard the sound of my 21 mo DD playing with two needles. I didn't think it was that bad because that's where my needle collection currently is because I haven't put it up on my shelf yet.

I turned around.

She's playing with wooden or bamboo needles.

I look closer.

She's playing with my Clover bamboo needles.

Iky is no where to be seen and the ball of yarn is on the table beside where she's sitting with the strand heading off to the floor.

I walk over.

DD is happily still playing with my Clover needles. My 3.25mm Clover needles. And Iky is on the floor in a tiny little pile. I carefully pick it up while DD throws the needles at me and runs upstairs. Yes, she took the needles out. I've lost my stitch markers. I cringe and grab the bag that the yarn is in and head to my chair. I sit and take a good look at Iky.

Okay. it looks like I can rescue it. I don't need to re-cast and re-do everything I've done so far. She only dropped 3 stitches. I carefully put them back on the needles and re-knit the last three stitches.

I can breath again.


Sophie_vf said...

Mamid, I don't think there are any errors in the pattern. At least I didn't find any.

Between the eyelet columns, there should be 7 regular knit stitches, with a decrease stitch on either side, on the RS of the work. I'd be muttering decrease, knit (to seven), decrease, yo...etc. And then you're increasing stitches on either side of the center stitch and the insides of the borders, till you have enough for a full repeat again.

The chart does work and is accurate, but you might want to write it out for yourself line by line if it makes it easier for you. Good luck - and glad to hear your wayward icarus can be salvaged.

Mamid said...

I put in an email to the publisher to ask for some clarification. If it was long hand, I'd figure it out. Its not, so my head is hurting.

Iky's put away until I get some clarity on the pattern. Then we'll see.

Mamid said...

Okay.. that was stupid. I didn't do the row 1 chart 1 right. I had to frog back to a marker I had placed to show the last of the written rows.

I think I've got it now.

Madam said...

You do know that the designer of the shawl has been patiently watching and commenting on this knitalong, right? And that the publisher has hundreds of other patterns floating around and won't know the specifics as well as the designer?

Mamid said...

I figured out my mistake and now knitting happily, so if they contact me or not now, it doesn't matter.

Row 17 or so now. time to get my lifelines ready.