Monday, June 26, 2006


It took me nearly two months of solid knitting to finish this shawl and I gotta tell you, I am about sick of it!

Here she is pre-blocked.
Close up of the feathers in the preblocked stage.
Taking a bath.
Pinned out in my bedroom.
A full length finished shot.
Here is a close up of the edging with beads. Just don't make the same mistake I did and forget to put a bead on the center back. I added it during the cast off row because there was no way I was tinking back 2.5 rows!
Now I have to figure out a new project to knit until my Sock Swap yarn arrives. Oh well, I have to finish sewing bags today so...that should take up most of my knitting time.


Sophie_vf said...

Beautiful! I love the beads in it - you even managed to match the colour.
I'm definately not ruling out knitting this again, and if so, next time I'm doing the beads.

Kate A. said...

Yes, I almost never knit the same thing twice, and I already had the thought, "well, that's a shame, since I love this shawl, but I just don't think I'd finish if I did it again." But now the idea of BEADS has changed EVERYTHING. Plus, I think I need one in a very, very pale misty pink. Seeing everyone's shawls on here, I keep going back and forth, deciding at one moment that this thing is especially spectacular in the dark, rich colors, and then I see another and think, wow, this shawl was born to be pale and airy and ethereal. There's no answer for but to make two!

christine said...

Gorgeous! I'm looking at all of the finished Icarus shawls..........great color! And the beads are just the right amount for bling for that pattern!