Friday, June 23, 2006

Greetings! I am so glad to have found this KAL. Icarus is my second lace project. Right now I am finishing up a traditional Pi Shawl and am having some difficulties with the border. Casting on for this shawl has been a way to avoid those moments of frustration I keep having with the edging.

I am using Lacy Lamb, a very thin little yarn that is somewhere between exciting and BONKERS to work with. Has anyone here used it before?

Although it took several rows before I learned it, the pattern is so extremely regular during Chart A that I have it down and can knit at it relatively mindlessly. It tells you what to do next. (Does that make sense to anyone else?) Looks like I'll have to pay a bit more attention when I get to the feathers.

You can learn more about me, my knitting family (my 7yo son who is knitting a scarf out of yarn he spun himself and my partner David who is knitting his first sock), and all of our current projects on my blog.

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Miriam said...

I have some lacey lamb (that I wanted to overdye since I don't like the color), but I've never knit with it before. It looks beautiful!

Maureen said...

I am curious about the lacy lamb yarn

is it the softest yarn you have ever used

Does it hold the stitch definition for lace knitting well

I love the dark pink shawl you have done also