Saturday, June 10, 2006

Vancouver, BC KIP - guess what I cast on?

Yup. Icarus.

Then I proceeded to mess it up. When I got home, I had to frog what I've done since I didn't have any markers on me, and using yarn just seems wrong, ya know? So as soon as I got home, I frogged it when I realized I had made a mistake.I'm in the purple. I'm working on Celty which is a pouch designed by a local-to-me designer in a sheep wool variant I can actual touch. I had put Icarus away by the time that photo was taken because I wasn't sure if I made a mistake and didn't want to make it worse. If I didn't have a migraine, I'd re-cast tonight. It'll have to wait till tomorrow unless I can make this migraine go away.Gotta love how I'm yelling at my kid to behave. In my hands is my first attempt. It took me at least 10 attempts to get the Irish Diamond shawl right, so, two or three for Icarus should be just about right.
I'm thinking about adding two stitches on the edge because I like to slip the first stitch. It makes a neater edge imo.

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