Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I made a boo-boo! Razzlefrazzin DOH! I was just getting ready to start the fancy bits, when I was admiring all of my hard work when I noticed this! It's about 32 rows up. 32 long rows. Sigh.

And it's only these two yo columns. Yep, all the other columns line up tickity boo, lovely jubbly and bob's your uncle.

So I have to rip. I'm not one of these people who rips if it's a little mistake, or if it's something that I can cover up and call a design element. I'm really not a perfectionist. But this. Well it's just too wrong...

My automatic pilot was having a bad day.

Good news is that tomorrow's my birthday and I booked off a 4 day weekend!! Bad news is that all my plans keep falling through, so I don't know what I'll be doing with myself. I guess fixing my latest doofus manouver.

I've been wondering if I can just drop the offending yo columns and try to fix it without totally ripping... I'm thinking probably could do it - but that it's going to make me more nuts than just ripping all the way down and reknitting. Feedback would sure be appreciated.

Anyway - have fun everyone! Abi


Kim said...

Oh, I feel for you. I've ripped a lot on this thing. More than any other project I've done. Oh, you poor thing. Good luck fixing it and enjoy your time off.

Miriam said...

ouch! Oh I'm so sorry! I would probably be crazy enough to try dropping down, but that's a decision that you have to make for yourself. Good luck!

Sophie_vf said...

at last! Blogger has been driving me crazy all day!

Anyway. This sounds similar to what I had to fix, Abi, except that I only had to drop down 6 rows. So it wasn't too crazy making, and definately worth it. I dropped that series of stitches down to the error, identified which ones need to be re-knit with the help of safety pins to hold them and figure out what was going on. Then I used my size 2.25 (or so) DPNs to knit back up using the floats or ladders or whatever you'd call them. It worked really, really well. But again, only 6 rows, not 32. Personally - I think I would try it, because I'd rather fix than rip and knit - but like Miriam says, you'll have to figure out what will make you crazier.

Best of luck!