Friday, April 20, 2007

Hello everyone,
I've just joined and wanted to say hello. I fell in love with Icarus at first sight and ordered the pattern and yarn (cashmere in seaweed colour way from Hip Knits) in one fell swoop. I say this is utter madness because I don't knit! So, after the dizziness passed off, the next thing I did was to sign up here for all the help, support and motivation I can get and I haven't even recieved the Icarus kit yet.
See you all when I've cast the little beauty on.
Hi Everyone!

After almost exactly 2 weeks of work I'm on the 4th of 5th repeat of Chart One (I'm going to do two more repeats after this one, so I'm not particularly fussed over keeping close track) and so far really - surprisingly! - enjoy the easy, almost mindlessness, progress of the pattern so far.

(I guess after knitting Birch as my very first lacy shawl project - done in just 3 rapid weeks! - I'm a bit casual about my future shawl projects...........which are probably [in]famous last words, huh?)


I'm using the pattern-recommended wool-silk yarn - - Jaegerspun Zephyr in a quite lovely shade called 'Aegean Blue'. The shawl is a gift for my most dearest Grammy Jane (my maternal grandmother) and as my toddler son and I will be visiting her over Memorial Day, I still - happily - have loads of time to finish it.

My only real question, so far, for the group is about the recommended needles. I'm using Addi Naturas (love that bamboo!!!) in a size 3 - - but keep holding up the whole thing and wondering over and over and over again if a 24" needle is really going to be long enough to comfortably hold the entire shawl once I get to those last, mammoth, stitch-packed rows???

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I took a wee break from my icarus. Had a few birthday presents to work on. But I picked her back up again this weekend and am going through chart two. Here is a saggy progress photo:

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