Monday, June 12, 2006

I am on the the 2nd row of the 4th repeat. I had to tink 2 rows last night and now I have a teeny, tiny knot in my yarn that I am going to have to use a needle and a magnifying glass to get out. Sometimes it's very frustrating but I keep plodding along with an eye toward the finished product. Kate's turned out so lovely. I hope I can get mine to look as good.

I signed up for the Mystery Stole 2006 KAL on Melanie's blog. It doesn't start til July 7 and hopefully, if all goes well, I can have Icarus done by then. I went to Y2Knit and bought more Zephyr in Sage and knitted the swatch on Friday night. I haven't blocked it yet but I like the way the flower motif looks in the yarn so I'm sure it will work fine.

Meanwhile my life belongs to Icarus.

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Anonymous said...

Okay tell me more about the mystery stole KAL. I went to the blog and didn't find anything could you get back to me on the details. Thanks a ton