Friday, June 23, 2006

Hello Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls!

So I have started Icarus like 5 times and I keep having to frog it. I was doing it out of Crystal Palace Kid Merino, but for some reason I just can't get past the 5th row in the first chart. I never have a hard time following a pattern and I for some reason can't see my stitches. Anyone else kid this with a yarn like this? I'm going crazy. So in my craze, I ordered 2550 yards of merino lace weight wool in shocking pink to make it out of. Maybe the a yarn without the fuzz and fur of Kid Merino will help.

I swear I was about to kill myself a few times there. I should get my yarn in a few days and start knitting again.

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Lisa said...

I'm doing another shawl pattern in Kid Merino, and using US 9 needles it's much easier to see the stitches. I think you will like a non-fuzzy yarn better for this pattern, at least if you are using smaller needles. I'm doing Icarus with US 3s and Skacel Merino lace-weight yarn, which is not very fuzzy, and doesn't slide around as much as the Kid Merino. You can see how my Icarus is coming along here. Good Luck!