Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here is my finished Icarus, knitted in Posh Yarn's cobweb weight cashmere/silk yarn Cecilia, color Memories.
I really love the feel of cobweb weight shawl. It's so airy and light!

For encouragement for those of you still knitting your Icaruses - it took over five months to finish this. I started this in late December, finished in May and was too lazy to block it until now. Blocking wires were great help.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chart 4, how I love/hate thee!

Icarus Shawl 14

The love should be obvious. It's such a pretty design, and the pattern is fun to work. Then again, the hate should be obvious, too.

Icarus Shawl 13

It's so big! The rows go on FOREVER!!!

I'm trying to get at least a row done a day in the hopes of finishing this up soon. We shall see how well that works, since each row is a significant time commitment at this point. I am very much looking forward to adding beads to this sucker. I have them purchased and all ready to go, but am not going to show them off until they're actually ON the shawl.

One last picture for closing, just because I love the design. (thanks, Mim!)

Icarus Shawl 15

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I finally, finally blocked my Icarus shawl! It was all ready yesterday and I just want to say: swoon. These aren't the best pictures, but I took them last night when I got home:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ok, so maybe I've let this Icarus thing get a little out of hand. In the last few days, my need to dispense with the first chart and move on to lucky number two has displaced sleep, and created a general aversion to anything that would potentially break my rhythm.
That said, I think it's starting to pay off since I'm down to about one and a half more repeats. What are your thoughts on the colour? Do you think that the slight pooling in spots will detract from the gorgeous simplicity of Miriam's design or am I just pooling paranoid?
Many stitches later,
Okay, I feel such a moron for asking this but here goes.

I have only just started Icarus and already hit a snag. I just cannot get the hang of the chart. I down loaded the pattern from Mim Knits, followed the written instuctions up to row 5 (Row 5 and I'm in trouble, good grief!) and about there everything goes wrong as by the time I get to row 8 I have 19 stitches.
Okay, that's what it says is the count on the written instructions. Time to get the chart out and the little squares number only 9, now I know that these represent either stitches or knitting operations as it were but even counting the decreases as a stitch each there are only eleven actual stitches represented on row one of the chart. I know I'm being dense but I know also that this is why I joined the KAL.