Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why are we all so stymied by the counting in this pattern? Take many bright, creative people; a beautiful pattern; and notice the recurrence of counting-challenged posts.

What makes this lace pattern so tricky? I have some theories, but let's hear yours!

Pretty Blog Update: bought myself a digital camera today from a wonderful young FEMALE sales person at Best Buy, name of Tori. She was smart, knowledgable, not too pushy, and a real joy to have help us.

Being a retail manager and knowing that most news from customers is bad news, I sought out a manager to tell about our pleasant experience. I complimented Tori and let him know how nice it is to see women working there. I also told him (and Tori) that the women at BestBuy should be paid more than the men, since they are in demand and there are so many fewer of them. Wouldn't that be nice: women in a boys' club who actually make more money?


saleknitter said...

Sounds great to me...last time I checked the reverse happens often!

Madam said...

I was one of only a couple of women on the floor one holiday season -- of course, that's probably because I was one of the few interviewing females who was experienced enough to do it. We had a lot of high schoolers; I was just getting out of a wretched corporate job and could work days. They wanted me to stick around, though... they would have put me in APPLIANCES (ooooOOOOoooh!)