Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yesterday I started the Icarus using Pacifica Zephyr from FurrYarns. I really love the way this yarn knits up. It's my absolute favorite.

This will be a birthday gift for my mother. She picked out the colour herself and I picked out the pattern. She doesn't really like a lot of lace so this is a really nice pattern for her.

I'm hoping this KAL will help keep me knitting till I reach the leaf pattern because there isn't much going on for most of the shawl. It is a really great pattern for me to take along on errands though since it's easy to put down no matter where I am in a row. It also helps that the yarn is a hand paint as the changes in colour keep it interesting.

I love seeing all the finished Icarus' here as it really inspires me to keep plugging away!


Jen said...

I love the color, it should turn out wonderful!

Kel said...

Great yarn for this project, and nice to see another Hawai'i knitter here! You have so much experience with lace shawls, too!

Opal said...

Your sweaters are just so gorgeous! I love the colour you used for the Lotus Blossom. I'm so sorry to hear about the shrinkage/stretching debacle though. What a PITA!

Sarah said...

It is about the time you are sick of knitting the first chart that you get to start the fun lace stuff!

You can do it.