Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Posted by Picasa I've sat and dreamed about this shawl since I saw the pattern , months ago . I couldn't help but cast on a fortnight ago when I saw there was KAL.
I'm using handpainted yarns ( 'brown berries' merino laceweight ) on 3.75 mm needles (think that's US #5 ) .
I swatched using #3's and #4's but preferred the 'knit' from the #5's .
I'm 1/2 way through the 4th repeat in the first chart . (there is light at the end of the stockingette tunnel!) and looking forward to starting the feather charts ... hopefully next week !


Heather said...

My Icarus looks like your Icarus' little sister (I'm the entry directly below yours)! I love yours and I will watch closely to see how the yardage works and how mine will look (kind of)!

Kel said...

I'm using 5s, too! You are so very fast. I have finished the third repeat and don't dare do any more repeats: I will run out of yarn. Nice color!

Kim said...

Love the color! I seem to say that to everyone. I would love to see all these shawls together in the order of the spectrum. What a rainbow that would be!

Kate A. said...

What a wonderful idea! The rainbow, I mean. Maybe we should paste together pictures of all the FOs in rainbow order in a few months when there are lots and lots of them??