Saturday, July 01, 2006

First Post from a *scared* new to lace knitter. Hi all and hello to Opal. I have not started yet. I turned my hanks of floss into balls so almost ready to go. Just have to read the pattern thru again and get some things straight in my head. Wool: Knitpicks Gossamer in Sunrise. Very pretty pinks, lilacs and pale blue blend (here's how they describe it).
Content: 100% Merino Wool
Amount: 440 yards/50 gram hank
Gauge: Lace Weight
Our filmy hand-dyed Merino lace yarn catches light and reflects back brilliant colors. Lace weight (2/16) - hand wash

It's the finest wool I will ever have worked with and it's wool, not acrylic...yikes. Hoping the fibres will stay together and not fly off and attack my nose. Thanks for having me :) Claire


Kristen said...

You should be A-okay!

Icarus is my first dive into lace. And I LOVE it. LOVE it!

after the first intiail set up, it pretty much goes easy. You see your pattern and I really haven't had much trouble. I am on the second repeat of the first chart. I am using laceweight Merino Wool in Shocking Pink from I bought 2550 yards of it for around 20 bucks I think. I can make like three of these out of it.

Kim said...

The colorway is be-u-t-ful!

I'm a first-time lace knitter as well. I've found that I have to pay close attention to what I'm doing. I've worked on this while watching tv but I've also made mistakes that I had to rip out. Lately I find it's better if I just listen to podcasts while I knit. But everyone is different. Have fun!