Friday, July 21, 2006

After nearly pawing this yarn to death, I gave in and bought it with the intention of finishing 6 other things before starting Icarus. Well, I couldn't stop pawing the yarn once I got it home. I'm now on my third day and about 125 rows in and it looks like this:The yarn is Great Adirondack's Serino in the tourmaline coloroway. It's 50% wool 50% silk. I'm getting a nice fabric from it, not too firm or too mushy. The richness of the colors is worth the cost and time I'm putting into it.

I'm pacing myself now that the rows are so long. I find I need to take breaks every 3 or 4 rows. I have 5 hour stint in the car on Sunday and this will work out well unless I get to Chart 2 by then.


Kristen said...

wow, that colourway is GORGEOUS!

Catherine said...

Such a beautiful yarn you chose!

Sarah said...

That is really a wonderful colorway!