Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back to Icarus and going much better the second time around.

Yarn: KnitPicks laceweight, handdyed with Koolaid
Needle: size 3 circular
Pattern: Icarus, Interweave Knits, Summer 2006
Designer: Miriam Felton

I've been working on More than Circular, but didn't want to take it with me when I went away last week because of its size and difficulty. So I decided to give Icarus another try. This time it is making much more sense. Seven stitches between pattern areas, yarnovers after the edge stitches and on either side of the center stitch, and slowly building up the sides until you have enough stitches to start the next chart.

I've made two mistakes but am going to live with them.

Two questions - hope you can help:
Do you think I should be using a larger needle (say a 4 or 5)? This is the smallest needle and the finest yarn I've worked with till now. Will the shawl open up when I block it, especially in the knit sections? Right now it looks a bit tight to me.

And do you know if there's a way to spread your pictures through your blog entry instead of sticking them all at the top?



Kristen said...

I'm using lace weight and size 2 needles. IT will open up nicely!

gorgeous colours~

Helen said...

I expect the shawl will open up a lot when you block it, but why don't you knit a little swatch with the holey bit and block that? Then you'd know for sure. I'm not much of a swatcher, but I always would with something holey.

JANET said...

thanks so much - now I need to try to get myself to knit instead of reading/writing blogs!