Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Come To The Conclusion

After much thought and frogging, also working on the Mystery Stole… That my problem is, that I am not using enough stitch markers. The Mystery Stole has taught me this. Therefore, as soon as I can make it to Wally Mart, (or Wal-Mart) I am going to get some more rings, as I have the charms, some nice cows and horses to go with my sheep. I will once more take on the Mighty Icarus Shawl.

I shall be stubborn no more, I will admit that I need stitch markers, and life lines.

Thank you, for listening,


gray la gran said...

i, personally, call it wally world. and, if they have stitch markers, go for it! the important thing is that you recognize your abilities and needs, and if that means lifelines and markers, so be it!

Helen said...

Markers are brilliant: I couldn't knit lace at all until I tried them. And non-knitters are always impressed by them, so hang out with non-knitters and you're confidence will be restored :)