Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What the hell?

So I am plugging away at the shawl and this crap happens! This is after frogging 10 rows because of a missed YO. Wtf did Kristen do? I have no clue. I tried to fix it by dropping the stitch and fixing it, well I just made this nice big hole. Remind me to never try and fix a YO, just frog.


Ohh and the section right before the middle, yeah I ended up with an extra stitch some how.


Anonymous said...

I've made that mistake (4 times I think). What happened is you missed purling that stitch. If you take the rib down to that stitch and purl it life is good.

JANET said...

About the only thing I know how to repair is a missed YO. Just pick up the running stitch between two stitches and you'll be good to go without frogging.

Mamid said...

I'd leave it. As an imperfect stitch so as not to make a perfect shawl. It has to do with the believe that only the creator can make perfection and if we try, it'll risk destroying that which we made.

Make sense?

Sophie_vf said...

I'd fix it. Plenty of room for imperfection later :)

No, seriously. I'd fix it if:

1) it messed up the stitch count and led to subsequent errors

2) it is distinctly larger than the surrounding holes.

I actually think errors show up more in the stockinette section than the lace section. The contrast between the stockinette and the columns is really distinct. Stitch count notwithstanding, I think imperfections hide more easily in the feather section.

Kristen said...

totally makes sense, but this was an eye sore. I have one stitch that is twisted I am keeping in though.