Friday, July 28, 2006

Hello everyone! I just finished the first Chart One repeat, and the pattern says to now repeat rows 19-42 five times. But when I was knitting row 19, I noticed I have a lot more stitches in that row now than when I did the first time I knit it due to increasing all the way to row 42.

Does that make sense? Am I just misunderstanding something?


Miriam said...

that's what the repeat is for... you repeat the section in the red box multiple times (I think it's 3 for that second repeat, 5 for the third, etc...) to get across the row.

Kim said...

Yes, that's how the shawl gets bigger. You increase four stitches on each row. Two at the outside edges and two in the center. Look at the photo of Melissa's shawl in the post below your's. See how it has grown for the center?

Do the beginning, center, and end of the rows according to the chart and do the stitches in the red box over and over in between.

I hope that makes sense. Probably some of the more experiences knitters will explain it better. Once you start I think you'll see how the columns line up and it will be a snap.

Megan said...

Thanks everyone! This is my first shawl project, so I'm still learning about shawl construction. I'll post a photo of my progress later.

Kristen said...

hahahaha, i freaked out about the same thing!

It's my first pattern from a chart.

They seem to have answered your question. But we need some pictures of your work!

Helen said...

I'm not doing Icarus yet but I'm at the same stage on the Shetland Triangle, and in order to keep track of the pattern I've photopied the chart multiple times and I'm actually cutting out copies of the repeats with scissors and sellotaping them into the middle. I intend to keep doing this as long as I have (but I hope for my own self-respect that it won't be too long). Maybe that would help you too, help you to visualize what you're doing, and let you see the total number of stitches you should have at any row.