Saturday, July 08, 2006

Aloha everybody! I started Icarus on July 4th using Rowan Kidsilk Haze, but have been lurking on this KAL while I finished the Lotus Blossom Tank. I only have 3 229 yrd balls of haze, so I shall be short on yardage. I am using size 5 needles (because I am a tight knitter, short on yards, and have no size 3 needles of that length), and the Excel file shawl calculator found on this KAL. Is anyone else using this yarn? I have followed those of you who are shortening the repeats, but so far it seems people are using even more yardage then the pattern calls for?
I am also a new lace knitter (and look forward to one day displaying Kate A.'s awesome lace virginity button!) and am glued to the chart and threading lifelines every 24 rows or so. Thank you to all of you iritated froggers who insist we thread lifelines and watch the lost yarn-overs. Your pain is instructing us all and informing our lace. Thanks for having me along!


Helen said...

Now I know which yarn I want to use for this shawl! What shade is that? Is it Heavenly?

Kristen said...

I tried using a similiar, Crystal Palace's Kid Merino. I about tore my hair out. Yours looks great!

Sarah said...

Wow, that yarn is gorgeous!!!!

Good luck with your first lace.

sandy said...

Gee, that kidsilk haze looks beautiful also. Isn't it dificult to work with?