Friday, July 07, 2006


So I am in the second repeat of icarus.

I swear, I knit 3 rows, rip out 5. for some reason I can not find where I lost 2 sts in the middle section of the damn shawl.

I was at k8 YO k1 YO k8 well somehow I got k6 YO k8. I tried to drop the sts and find it and it made it worse and then i lost hte YO's 3 rows down. So now instead of frogging 2 rows I need to frog 4.

I am so pissed its making me want to frog the whole thing.


froggy_dear said...

Breathe. I messed something up a couple of times, couldn't figure out what I did wrong, and had to set the whole d*mn thing aside until I wasn't so upset about it.

And then I coped. Somehow.

Kristen said...

i feel like i am breaking up with my lace! This is worse than breaking up with my boyfriend!

I hate the lace right now! Hate it!

Mamid said...

um.. I read the pattern as YO k2tog, k7 k2tog yo. Not k8.

I hope I'm not reading it wrong.