Monday, July 10, 2006

W00T! I finished knitting last night on the second of four hours in the car. It looks... well, scrunchy, but we all knew that.

The yarn situation was just ridiculous... I got practically to the end and was holding my breath, but 1/4 of the bindoff took about 1/2 the yarn I had left for that row. I tried to think of another bindoff I could use, but I could tell that this one was really what made the edge so nice and flexible. I was visiting a friend who let me stash dive a little, so first I tried some leftover Shetland. It was lime green and contrasted nicely, but was a bit too bold. So I ripped out again and picked up some Gems Pearl in what was probably Aqua before heading on the road. Pearl has more sheen and a more defined ply, and it's obviously not handpainted like the rest of the shawl. Still, the color match with the dominant shade of the handpaint is amazing, and I think it looks great. Throwing out a wild guess, i'd say it probably took 10 meters or so, and Ibought two skeins, so I'll think of some other project to use up the rest of it.

Now to the ends, the blocking and the pictures. (And the inevitable must-find-new-project letdown.)

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froggy_dear said...

Hooray! Can't wait to see.