Saturday, July 01, 2006

Icarus 7-1-06

Icarus 7-1-06
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Making progress, plodding along with the repeat section. I am not in love with this yarn, but I think the finished product will be light and wearable. Because I'm not loving the yarn I tend to work on this only when really in the mood, so I think I'll be plodding along for a long time, especially since I intend to add at least 1, if not 2 repeats.

Edited to add: Kristen asked--what kind of yarn are you using?

I am using FaRe Baruffa Cashwool, which is, according to the label, 100% Extra Fine Merinos. The yarn is Italian. This yarn was a gift from my Secret Pal 7, so I have no idea where she got it, and I can't find too much about it on-line. It's very soft, a beautiful color, a very sproing-y wool (that is SO a word!), and so fine. I did knit 4 rows yesterday, and plan to do a few more today when I find some peace and quiet. Oh, and I'm using US 3 grey Inox needles. Thanks for asking, Kristen!!


Kristen said...

what kind of yarn are you using?

Kristen said...

thanks for the edit!

I really like the colour.

I am just using plain old shocking pink merino laceweight. i must say though, i adore it. the colour is amazing and I still can smell the vinegar from the dying process.

Jessica said...

I have the same yarn in a dusky purple, it was part of an exchange and is very nice but is lighter than I remember ever knitting with before... I was going to use it for the mystery stole but I think it's a little too thin for that so I'll save it until I decide what to knit with it, maybe Icarus, maybe an Orenburg.... :)