Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm plugging away doggedly at my shawl in 85+ degree weather. Lots of staying indoors in the dark watching movies. I'm just past 25% done. I think I'm having more fun figuring out where I am than actually knitting it. (As I stated in my blog, I conveniently forgot before starting that I need handy pattern-change points to stay motivated, and the increasing width isn't exactly helping!.) It's been long and it'll just... get... longer... but I keep going. It's hard to gauge the final size. I started thinking my yarn supply was actually quite excessive, but given my little lump of yarn I hope I make it 19 more rows to make sure I'll have 1/3 per ball.

Just finished the third repeat of Chart 1, plus the first row of repeat 4. 251 stitches across now.

I do think I should start another project, though, to stop feeling like this is the project that will never end. Anyone else in that boat?

I'll stop whining now.

P.S. I'm not actually sucking at the lace, though :)


Sarah said...

I think the first set of repeats does get pertty boring.

I have finished a couple of other projects along the way since I started.

Keep plugging will eventually get there.

Miriam said...

The last half of a triangular shawl uses up ASTOUNDING amounts of yarn! so don't EVER worry about having too much yarn :) Plus the bind off takes more yarn than a typical bind off.

The way I gauge my progress is to hold the center top point (where you cast on) in my left hand and hold the edge stitches at the beginning of a row with my right hand, so that I am stretching an upper garter stitch edge across my arm and toward my chest. This way I don't pull stitches off the needles, but I get an idea of the length of the shawl (since I'm only measuring from the center point, then double it and it will give you your progress across the "wingspan". I know the agle of my head from my outstretched fingers that gives me exactly a yard, and I aim to make my shawls about 6" across the top. I hope that helps!