Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hi everyone! I'm Marie and this will be my first shawl. I was so excited about this pattern that I cast on as soon as I got home from the lys with the magazine and the yarn. Like Sarah, I'm also using Misti Baby Alpaca, though in the sea foam colorway. It's a lovely pale blue with a ting of green...somewhere between robin's egg blue and pale, pale teal. The color is actually a bit more intense than my camera was willing to replicate but in any case, here is my Icarus thus far: (don't mind the red thread that is my lifeline...)

I've made it to row 27 of chart 1 with only a slight mishap in stitch number (turned out I had just skipped a row, not forgotten to do a few YOs...). I'm really enjoying the knitting so far and am quite enthralled with how soft the yarn is. Immensely pettable.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress!


Miriam said...

Hi Marie! I LOVE that color of Misti Alpaca! It's got GREAT depth.

jenknits said...

Your shawl will be really pretty in that green. And alpaca is sooo soft and warm.

Sarah said...

lOVE that color.

Kim said...

Marie, this is my first shawl too. Are we going to have fun or what?!