Friday, May 26, 2006

Interweave Icarus, beginning

Interweave Icarus, beginning
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I just started this last night, and already it's kicking my ass. I've never knit with laceweight before, and you'd think that knitting a multitude of socks in fingerweight would prepare me for this, but nooooo. It's a whole other fiddly ballgame.

At first I thought, oh sheesh, miles of stockinette, but now that I've started, I've realized that it's perfect for me to get used to the feel of the laceweight and recognizing my mistakes. I had to fix a multitude of missed yarnovers yesterday and am not completely sure I've fixed them to my satisfaction. But I have kind of weird knitting dysmorphia, in which I tend to fixate/obsess on minor imperfections, and if I put the damn thing away for a few days, when I come back it looks all better.

yarn is Zephyr wool silk in Mahogany, needles are size 3 Boye needlemaster circs. Loving the pointy ends, not loving the non-addi-smooth join.

Also, loving the yarn. After only 2 square inches of fabric, I had to hold it in my hand and pet it, and make everyone else in the household do so as well.


Sarah said...

Lace weight takes practice.

It took me years to get it but I love using it now!

Sophie_vf said...

It's slowly getting better. Now, the pattern is feeling much easier, but I'm still splitting my yarn and doing goofy things like not quite picking up both stitches on the's kind of a fine motor skill challenge right now. Good thing it's mostly stockinette so far.