Thursday, May 25, 2006

My First Lace Project

My name is Wendy and this is going to be my first-ever lace project! I'm not doing the Amazing Lace, though - I'm hoping to focus on my knitting this summer. :)

Skacel Mohair - Icarus Shawl

I haven't yet cast-on for the shawl, but I did wind my yarn tonight! I'm using Skacel mohair lace weight in a reddish color - it has pink undertones rather than being a true red. I'm looking forward to starting this over the weekend - my hope, however, is to finish up my Clapotis.

One question I have already is that, as you can see, my yarn is in two separate balls. Will this be an issue? I figured I'd just switch at the end of a row and use... a knot! Any thoughts on this? And does anyone know why the post template doesn't have room for a title?


Jessica said...

There's a great tutorial on splicing non-felting yarns here:

Sarah said...

Love the red/pink color!

It looks really yummy.

Sally said...

Don't tie a knot! Use a spit splice aka a felted splice. It should work perfectly and won't be at all visible.

Here's a link on how to do it: