Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yay for lifelines.

I don't usually use them. But since I had already frogged the start of Icarus twice, I figured I better cover myself. So dental floss lifelines it was. I've only gotten the first of the five repeats done, and today I had worked about four more rows while sitting in the library with my boys.

And then it happened. I went to pull my knitting out of the bag at our next stop, the park, and I snagged a stitch. And pulled a snag about 8 inches long out, still attached, but with little puckered stitches on either side. I tried to work the snag back in slowly and patiently, but who am I kidding? Slow and patient aren't on my list of attributes.

Luckily the snag was past my most recent lifeline. So I happily frogged four rows! Putting it back on the needles wasn't super fun, but way more fun than trying to unwork that snag. Yay for lifelines!


Sophie_vf said...

dental floss! Why didn't I think of that? I've been using sock yarn (too thick) and very fine crochet cotton (not bad, but a bit "catchy"). I mean, I figured, "hey, they're smaller than the needles". But knitting that first life-lined row is so annoying.

Now, do I actually have unwaxed, non-flavoured dental floss in the house??

rincaro said...

I'm using waxed, minty dental floss. It seems to making my needles smooth & fresh at the same time. ;)

Anonymous said...

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