Friday, May 26, 2006

Alpaca makes everything better.

Knitting gives the alpaca a purpose.

I have one more week left in the school year, and it's that time where everything that needs to be done comes crashing together and makes one's head explode. Tonight I was working on a paper, a paper I'm not entirely committed to, a paper which has a thesis I feel ambivalent about. So it was hard. I got most of the way through it and took a break.

A knitting break.

And I worked on Icarus a little more. A row and a half.

And it was wonderful. The softness of the alpaca and silk blend, the movement of the bamboo needles working together to make a very complicated and beautiful knot.

After that I managed to wade through the rest of my footnotes and concluding the paper.

(forgive me if I wax a little poetic. I just did several pages of less than inspired history argument)


If you would like me to change your sidebar name or bloglink, please let me know. Also, given the mountain of work I have in the next seven days, I may be slower responding to KALsters wishing to join up. Some of you have already experienced my slowness. But just one more week, then there's a long glorious summer light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy knitting all.

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