Sunday, May 28, 2006

Oh so great progress...not so much. I am one repeat away from starting the second chart.

I love Misti Alpaca it!

I know the shawl looks like not so much but that is the beauty of lace.

I do have one question, it said repeat the first chart 5 times BUT when I count the "lines" in my shawl vs. the finished shawl, it seems like I need to do an extra repeat. Am I just bad counting????


rincaro said...

Did you do a stitch count?

Carie said...

I think the instructions say to repeat rows 19-42 of the first chart 5 *more* times, so you do six total repeats.

If you're ready to listen to a humongous sob story, ask me how I know this and I'll regale you with the sad, sad tale of my first (unfinished) shawl, which came out all wonky because I read the "more" in the instructions but just didn't do it. :)

Abigale said...

In the picture on Mim's blog here It shows very clearly (I'm so glad I saw this) that there are 8 lines of yo's going down the center line. That's how I'm gauging mine. In the pic in IK I can count 7 lines of yo's going down the center back - but I think that shawl is smaller than I would like. Notice how the first picture, the model has the shawl adjusted all the way over to one side? It looks like a good size in the first pic, but that little detail looks a little fishy to me...

Hope this helps!


Miriam said...

the one on my blog and the one they photographed are the same shawl. I just took some pictures before I sent it off. There should be an odd number of lines radiating out on each side of the center stitch. If you're counting columns BETWEEN the yarn over lines, then yes, you could get an even amount.