Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wow, those last 12 rows seemed so long!

Yesterday, I finished Chart 4 - and today the last four rows. She's done.

icarus - done - before blocking

She was about 28 inches down the center line before blocking - after 34 - and almost 70 across the back. I added some carmel brown glass beads the same way that Miriam did on her original Icarus -on the purl stitch above the 4yo's. I'm quite happy about them. Sparkly - but not trashy.

This is the first time I've got to use my new blocking wires - what a treat! Here's a couple of shots:

Icarus - blocking shot 1

Icarus - blocking shot 2

Can't wait for it to dry and let her fly!

For the knit geek in all of us:

Knit-Wise Cashmere (2ply) 4 - 25g skeins - 800m (only 5 grams left) Garnet Red colour. Made in Scotland - available through YarnForward in Ottawa.

3.25 mm needles - It knits around 30 sts per 4 inches - but softens and relaxes to about 28 after wash.

Unblocked: about 28 inches down center spike - blocked - 34. I could have blocked it *more agressively* to size - but I liked the way it was looking - without being strained.

Thanks Miriam!


FairyGodKnitter said...

What a beautiful color! I think the beads help with the drape of the finished shawl and are worth the effort after those long rows.

Denise~ said...

What a great color! You've done a wonderful job on Icarus. What's next?

Thansks for the "knit geek" details!

Betsey said...

hmmm - what's next.... well, it is already started!

I have a Fleece Artist Kit for the Garter Stitch Jacket - BUT - I'm actually replicating my favorite (well fitting) McCalls Shirt pattern into a Jacket.

I'll be bloggin' about the "crossover"jacket

Miriam said...

You're welcome! I'm so glad you liked it and that it turned out so well!

Miss Janelle said...

Wow, your Icarus is so beautiful! I can only hope mine turns out as lovely as yours!

christine said...