Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hey hey. Guess what I learned last week?

I learned to count to 7!

See what happened next?

Icarus got her (his?) first set of feather ends. Here's a closer look

As you may recall, I've decided to make this more of a feathered cape look than have just one set of feather ends....

She'd be even bigger had I not then started the next tier of feathers offset by half a feather width. Oops. I WANTED them offeset, but wound up knitting them even.


And may I say how much I LOVE this yarn which is showing ZERO signs of wear despite repeated trips to the frog pond? I am so psyched!

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Helen said...

That's lovely. I sometimes think variegated yarns don't work with lace because they distract from the pattern, but this one works very well. In the photos, are you pointing at it and telling it to stay still?