Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Icarus is off the needles. Note I didn't say it was finished, just off the needles. I began experiencing acute pain in my forearm while knitting on Icarus and finally decided that it was time to swallow my knitterly pride and admit defeat.
After completing chart 3, rather than proceeding to chart 4, I did a row of yarn over, knit two together (to mimic the eyelet across the top edge) and then two rows of plain knit. I ran a scrap yarn through all the live stitches and slipped them off the needle. I am now in the process of adding a knit-on lace edging to the live stitches along the bottom. This edging should give the shawl a finished look (if you didn't read the pattern and know better!) and give my poor arm a break. I wish I had the fortitude to stick it out for all of Icarus. This is a gorgeous pattern. My modified Icarus will still be lovely, however, and I am looking forward to it's completion.
See more of my work on Icarus and other knitting endeavors on my knit blog.

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