Saturday, August 12, 2006

So, up early in the morning - to knitting I go. It's really slow now - with almost 30 minutes per row. Yup - almost 30 minutes per row. Not that I'm a slow knitter - I just want to make sure that I don't goof up. Here's a shot (in natural light) of Chart two being complete:

Icarus - end of chart two

The garnet colour is closer in this photo - however that carpet is a mid-carmel colour... it's hard to get the colour exactly right.

After supper - and yes it's about 30 minutes per row... I'm about to start row 12 of Chart three. I think the last 30 rows are going to take me a week to complete! That's not too bad - makes about three weeks to do a shawl. I'll have to go and investigate blocking wires...

Here's the overexposed picture - but you can sure see the feathers developing!

Icarus - almost at end of chart three


Denise~ said...

Betsy - It's beautiful!

Just curious, I'm starting Chart 2 and am worried about running out of yarn. Any idea when you were at the halfway mark?

Betsey said...

reply to denise:
I'm using Knit-Wise Cashmere - which is in 25g skeins & 197m (217 yards) per skein. It knits up at about 30 sts - but after washing it relaxes (and softens *yum*) to about 28 sts per 4 inches. I'm just a few rows away from finishing chart three - and I'm just about to start my fourth skein.

Just two rows away from ending chart one - I started the third skein - so with the number of stitches on needle I'm getting around 25-30 rows per skein. I'm *hoping* that the fourth one will be the last skein - but I have a fifth if I need it.

I hope I answered your question!

Denise~ said...

Thank you so much Betsy! I'm breathing just a bit more even now. I'm getting 28 sts as well. My skein of hand dyed - hand spun wool was 125 grams and I'm currently at 52 grams.
My yarn was purchased in April from farmers at a herbal festival. It was an odd place to purchase yarn but everything they had was just sumptuous! (In fact, I regret not getting more yarn but as I had only been knitting four months and was just switching from scarves to socks!)

Kel said...

Very beautiful work! I am right behind you on the charts, and I love seeing the details in your photo. Inspires me onwards!