Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am starting Chart 2 and hope someone who's worked past this point can help.

Should the second YO in the pattern repeat of row 1 of Chart 2 line up with the center stitch of the K2tog, YO, center stitch, YO, SSK of Chart 1? and if not, do the Yos in Chart 2 line up with anything in particular from Chart 1?

Does that make sense? Basically, I'm wondering if I should see the long lacy lines from Chart 1 continue, or line up symmetrically or not with the edging?



FairyGodKnitter said...

Scroll down to Betsey's post from 8/12 and you will see what chart 2 looks like when it is completed. The lines of yo's continue with new ones inbetween. I hope this helps.

JANET said...

thanks - that does help. compliments on your blog -

Helen said...

When I looked at ti, to add feathers midway, it appeared to me that the ssk's and ktogs lined up, and that the p between them in chart 2 matched the stitch between the yos in chart one... the new yo k1 yo sections bisect the old sections, to show where feathers overlap.

Those of you who've finished, is this right?