Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hi Everyone, my name is Doris and I've just started this shawl. It's going to be my first "serious" lace project. I have to say that I've started over about 4 times because by the time I reach row 11 in Chart 1, there is usually a mistake. Hmm, I hope that some folks have some tips for fixing lace since I hope to get past row 11 someday and somehow I can't imagine frogging back all the way to the beginning. Anyhow, nice to meet all of you and hope to have some nice progress soon to show everyone.

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Kristen said...



I did the same thing with my Icarus. I couldnt get past row 12. So I frogged and did it the long, boring way. I wrote out each row by hand. Then as I was doing it, I said it outloud, yeah Andres my boyfriend thought I was crazzzzzy! And after each row, I counted my sts. Put in a life line too after like 3 rows of doing something right. Tedious, but it works and gets you past that hump. It also happened to me again in chart 2. I couldn't get past row 3 in chart two, I would drop a st somehow miss a st, something would go wrong. I ended up frogging back to my lifeline in the fourth repeat of chart 1!!!!!!!! So finally I get to chart 2, LIFELINE! and I am almost to chart 4 (with one small mistake last night. Somehow I was missing a sts in the middle, so I just made one. oops. I am NOT frogging because of that)
Good luck and post lots of pretty pictures!!!!