Friday, August 11, 2006

All Strings Considered

When I got the Interweave Knits magazine in June I looked longingly at Icarus and thought, "I'll never be able to make that." Then I started following this KAL and found my own courage in all of yours. I cast it on at the end of July using a buttery soft rusty red 100% alpaca laceweight I purchased from Birgitta Nostring of All Strings Considered. I am knitting fearlessly now, bolstered up by others' tales of lifelines and frogging as well as their triumphant thrills of accomplishment when the feathers emerge. The internet is a wonderful thing!


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Kel said...

I love the knit-along! I, too, lurked on this KAL while wishfully coveting the shawl...and was eventually inspired to start this beast. I love your colors!