Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here's Icarus, nearing the end of Chart 2. If you look over on my blog, and peer closely at the top of the knitting, where you can see the cable from my needle, there are the beginnings of the feathers that make up the edge of the shawl.

You'll have to look closely, or use a magnifying glass; I was afraid to pull the knitting taut enough to really show the detail. The last time I put photographic excellence ahead of knitting, I spent about an hour ripping and putting stitches back on to the needle.

I'm still loving the colors, and the response to the yarn. I was knitting while wiating to go in to a doctor's appointment, and a woman walked up to me and exclaimed "what beautiful yarn!" Yup, I made it myself. Koolaid dyed, very easy to do, color fast. Yes, she agreed, while she hadn't done any yarn dying, she knew from trying to get Koolaid stains out of her kids' clothes that it is very colorfast indeed.

If one was counting, one might note that after the last two rows of Chart 2, all that will be left to do are charts 3 and 4. And because one is resisting the temptation to make this competitive, there has been an effort to avoid counting said rows. However, eyeballing it, I'd say I have about 35 rows or so to go. Yeah!

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