Monday, August 28, 2006

Knitting Math and The Intrepid Knitter

I sat and looked at my shawl.
I recounted stitches.
I weighed the ball again,
I read the pattern over.

Nothing changed.

The math doesn't lie. There isn't enough yarn to finish.

So what's an intrepid knitter to do? I'm altering the pattern. If I dismiss knitting rows 1-8 of Chart Four the feathers may line up close enough to make it work. This requires some tweeking with increases but it should leave me enough yarn. I've used just over a gram per row in the last few rows.

So instead of 24+ rows remaining I'd have 16+ rows. My yarn ball weighs 24 grams. I also have a swatch that weighs 2 grams. If it comes down to the last row - I can frog the swatch.

Hopefully I'll have pictures up of the shawl soon. We're having technical issues with the digital camera.

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Kel said...

Frog that swatch! I ran out of yarn too, and you have my sympathies. It is not fun to knit with the constant stress of running out. One piece of advice: Remember that you need enough yarn to do a loose bind off. I didn't factor that as a row and ended up with a bind off too tight to make pretty little points. Good luck!